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Your employees need to get paid the right amount at the right time. Kevin Jacobs CPA makes sure that they do. Our payroll services operate like a well-oiled machine. No check or bonus slips through the cracks.

Each pay period, employees earn a certain amount of money that they need deposited in their bank accounts. It isn't as simple as just making a lump deposit, though. Their employee benefits like health insurance need to be deducted, as well as taxes. We'll keep it all straightened out so all the money goes where it needs to go.

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We'll take care of payroll processing for your business

Thanks to our swift payroll processing, all your salaried workers will get their paychecks in a timely manner. We handle payroll processing for small, medium and large businesses. We'll keep track of all the pertinent information and make sure everything gets processed correctly.

You can trust us to stay up-to-date on:

  • Hours worked
  • Pay rates
  • Deductions
  • Employment status
  • Bonuses
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